Ctrader vs metatrader

Trading platforms differ in their look and feel. Although this does not directly affect your trading, a visually appealing trading platform is always preferred. In the battle against Ctrader vs MetaTrader, the former wins the appealing section.it is more customizable and has got an easier interface.

Newbies might find using Ctrader easier than MT4. But what concerns traders, even more, is the ability to perform automated trading without delay. Performance wise, MT4 performs better than it competitor.

Among the most common dilemmas that traders face is the choice of trading platforms. While some prefer sticking to MT4; others find Ctrader easier to use. Whether it is more reliable and obtainable from a single broker is questionable. Veterans are of the opinion that unless you use a very fast computer for processing and trading actions, Ctrader runs slower than MT4.

Battling Ctrader vs MetaTrader:

Experts are of the opinion that Ctrader is comparatively slower when compared to MT4. Since the former depends on .Net framework, it takes longer response time and thus slower on execution. However, others are of the opinion that MT5 does not enable hedging. Also, the socket management program is relatively slower in MT5 apart from its unfriendly user interface.  

  • Usage of charts and indicators:

Using indicators in MT4/5 is comparatively easier, according to traders. You get a full set of charting tools and other downloadable indicator programs. It looks more professional and can use more than 33 analytical tools to choose from. In comparison between Ctrader and MetaTrader, Ctrader has been trying to repair the errors that MT4 could not come up with. It has got many order types and has sleeker navigation facilities. Apart from that, it has got similar back testing and chart usage like MT4.

  • EA and backtesting facility:

It is easier to use backtesting applications on MT4, one of the chief reasons as to why users prefer it over others. The automatic algorithm functions in MT4/5 enable traders to sell exchange or buy commodities and currencies in the nick of time. Coded in C language programming, MT4 is more stable and are immensely powerful. Even if you are not proficient in programming, the EA applications do not make it a painstaking task. Ctrader, on the other hand, presents a lesser intuitive approach. The CAlgo platform allows traders to trade robots and also allows back-testing. However, it does not allow overriding existing indicator applications.

  • Functioning and availability:

In the battle for Ctrader vs MetaTrader, traders face the general question whether their platform provides in-depth market knowledge. This includes information on buying and selling of orders at particular levels. In case you want to take larger orders, the perfect trading platform should be able to help you out.

MT4 allows Depth of market tool available only as a plugin while MT5 has built in DOM tool. Although it is very primitive and does not include any major professional grade DOM tool, it is better. However, Ctrader provides superior DOM functions and allows listing various executable prices all under a single window.

If you are still confused between choices of Ctrader vs MetaTrader, look for forex community threads where regular discussions may help you. Look for your parameters and choose the best trading platform.

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